Applied math


  1. Language and completeness -- expressing "anything" -- Turing completeness, human language completeness, completeness of HTML/CSS, intelligence completeness ... completeness in the sense of model theory (e.g. hyperreal language cannot express "is an infinitesimal")
  2. Formal linguistics and grammars
  3. Specific languages -- Human language, Markup/CSS/grammar of graphics/sounds and musical notation, RegEx, Relational Algebra and data structures [1]


  1. The lift algorithm
  2. Queuing theory
  3. Numerical arithmetic: Algorisms
  4. Numerical analysis: Optimization and root-finding
  5. Numerical analysis: Integration
  6. Numerical analysis: Differential Equations
  7. Numerical linear algebra: Matrix decompositions
  8. Numerical linear algebra: Eigenvalue centrality
  9. Numerical linear algebra: Netflix Algorithm
  10. Numerical statistics [1]
  11. Standard algorithms: Sorting and min/max
  12. Standard algorithms: Binary search
  13. Standard algorithms: Divide-and-conquer algorithms
  14. Standard algorithms: Overlapping subproblems/dynamic programming


Dynamical systems, chaos theory

Control theory -- three jugs riddle, driving

Network science 

Traffic theory


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