Cool stuff
  1. Reinventing grammar
  2. A sci-fi-ish conception of a transhuman
  3. Concept for an OS
  4. Org
Soft stuff
  1. What even are pure and applied math, anyway?
  2. Newton's laws in relativity
  3. "Calculus-based physics"
  4. The era of Einstein
  5. Why are calculus and linear algebra taught early?
Short topics
  1. Multiplicative calculus: Probability of immorality for a transhuman being
  2. Filters and hyperreal numbers:
  3. Fractional calculus:
  4. Generalised determinants:
  5. Fractals
Special things (functions, numbers, polynomials, sequences, etc.)
  1. Gamma, Bessel, Elliptic, Hypergeo, polynomials, numbers and sequences
  2. Riemann hypothesis related stuff
Probability puzzles and "paradoxes"
  1. Two-envelopes problem: beyond the Bayesian explanation
  2. Bertrand's paradox
Other interesting math problems

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