Tridymeus I

Rational thought
These articles will tell you all there is to know about philosophy. Everything else you hear on the subject is not even wrong, and reading these articles should illuminate why. Nothing in the series is non-trivial, one can arrive at these conclusions just by thinking a bit for themselves.
  1. Three domains of knowledge
  2. More on physics (Solmonoff's theory of inductive inference)
    1. Probabilistic analogs of logical stuff (e.g. circular-confirmation)
    2. Make your precise prediction -- proportional to $x$, $\dot x$ or $\ddot x$?
  3. More on ethics
    1. Making prescriptions with utilitarianism
    2. A critique of Kant
    3. A critique of the non-aggression principle
    4. A critique of positive rights
    5. A critique of Rawls
    6. A critique of Rand
    7. A critique of anarchy
    8. A defense of utilitarianism
    9. Examples of rational arguments
  4. Logical arguments
    1. Structure of an argument -- rational, positive, normative and negative statements, definitions
    2. Logical fallacy 
    3. What is an opinion?
    4. What is emotion?
    5. What is rhetoric?
    6. What's your point? (de morgan, euclid)

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