The stuff on this site can be considered a full roadmap of detailed mathematical content, like an ebook, starting at a first-year undergrad level onwards -- sort of like a complement to Khan Academy, or a repository of important insights in and motivations for stuff in mathematics and physics.

The idea is to cover the different possible requirements you may have while understanding something -- if we have a course on quantum mechanics, it will ideally neither be an "undergraduate-level" course or a "graduate-level course" -- we'll motivate the thing at an undergraduate level and use that to inspire important formalisations at a graduate-level. If you just want a brief motivation for a topic, skim through some articles on it and develop the theory yourself. If you're stuck on trying to figure out why a specific object is important, or what it really represents, find the relevant article and you'll probably find a sensible motivation for it.

Perhaps eventually we can adopt a system of "collapsible text boxes" like on Wikipedia to cover these sorts of requirements readers might have -- having boxes for e.g. the insightful, rigorous, computational and historical "aspects" of the topic of an article.

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