Game theory
  1. K-level thinking and Nash equilibrium
  2. Superrational equilibrium, Correlated equilibrium
  3. Game dynamics
  1. General economics: Ordinal utility and VNM rationality
  2. General economics: Abstract economy; Walrasian economy [1]
  3. General economics: Diminishing returns (reparam, on income, on priceless goods)
  4. Value theory: Equilibrium and efficiency (coase theory etc.)
  5. Value theory: Price theory (differential pricing)
  6. Value theory: Value capture and tax incidence (cost of crime, haircuts [1])
  7. Value theory: Welfare economics (adjusting for prices, corrected GDP)
  8. Value theory: Blame [1]
  9. Economic dynamics: Philosophy of equilibrium (EMH)
  10. Economic dynamics: Philosophy of non-classical market failures (bankruptcy, capital/leverage/LVT, upfront/retraining costs, network effect, signalling [1], bubbles/Ponzi/manufacturing confidence)
  11. Economic dynamics: Auction mechanism
  12. Information economics: Information pricing and misinformation (is lying bad?)
  13. Information economics: Information asymmetry 
  14. Macroeconomics: Finance as time-travelling retail
  15. Macroeconomics: Liquidity and velocity (D=S "long run", time value, liqudity-- private debt, qe, sitting on cash vs investing vs spending, neutrality of money, keynes vs krugman -- [1][2][3])
  16. Macroeconomics: Hilbert's problems in microfoundations (natalism, automation, protectionism, growth, welfare and rights, distribution, effect of redistribution, business cycles)
  17. Macroeconomics: Network effects (ponzi, dilution [1] -- if network effects affect traded value, why does it reflect true value)
Financial contracts
  1. Arrow-Debreu markets (betting markets, completeness, trading fees on probabilities, forwards/futures, why derivatives rather than just bet, how does betting add efficiency, can any derivative be constructed? [1])
  2. Financial derivatives, payoff functions and portfolios: motivation
  3. Risk: Arbitrage, Efficient frontier, Black-Scholes [1] [2]

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