How things work

  1. Airlocks, transistors and engineering
  2. Social protocols: the Internet, Mail, Recommender, Search, Web search
  3. Misc algorithms: lift, control theory
  4. Genetics
  5. How the government works

Interesting math problems

  1. Why the Monty Hall problem is completely boring
  2. Two-envelopes problem: beyond the Bayesian explanation
  3. Sleeping beauty, prisoner's dilemma and anthropic reasoning
  4. Hacking Evidential Decision Theory
  5. Pi and collisions (the 3blue1brown problem)
  6. A curious infinite sum arising from an elementary geometric argument

General mathematics

  1. Multiplicative calculus: Probability of immorality for a transhuman being
  2. Filters and hyperreal numbers: [abhimanyu.iogithub 1github 2]
  3. Fractional calculus: [arXiv 1arXiv 2]
  4. Generalised determinants: [arXiv]
  5. Fractals
  6. Special polynomials
  7. Dynamics/chaos

Old non-academic blog

New non-academic blog is available at Copypasta.substack (the mind-killer).

  1. Newton's laws in relativity
  2. "Calculus-based physics"
  3. The era of Einstein
  4. Why are calculus and linear algebra taught early?
  5. "In space, there's no up or down."
  6. Applied math and mathematical models (waves, walls, particles, noise, vector spaces) 
  7. What even are pure and applied math, anyway?
  8. Positive vs normative social science
  9. Why do people conflate philosophy with psychology?
  10. Ranking academic disciplines from science to pseudo-science
  11. Everything you know about history is false.
  12. History needs to be completely reformulated
  13. Age of Gen: a picture of a futuristic transhuman society 
  14. A review of "Age of Em" by Robin Hanson
  15. Basilisk, thy name is Simon
  16. Three domains of knowledge
  17. Realistic aliens
  18. How to rebuild civilization after a zombie apocalypse
  19. Concept for a systematic OS
  20. Reinventing grammar

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